Thursday May 07, 2015
CRADLEY reserve Michael Neale has seen his season saved by Rochdale-based van rental company Rentruck.

Neale, who has enjoyed a promising start to the campaign with the Heathens, was hit by a major problem with his own transport last week, with the cost of repairs for a breakdown putting his campaign in jeopardy.

Neale said: “I noticed the van was getting hot driving to Kent last week. Unfortunately by the time I realised, I'd cooked the engine, blown the head gasket and probably warped the head!

“I'm really grateful to Rentruck for stepping in to help me out. I was worrying what I was going to do and this is a major weight off my mind. I'm enjoying my riding but off track issues really can mess with your head!”

Neale has received support from Rentruck boss Richard Cotton, whose company are extensively involved in speedway at all levels.

He said: “It’s common knowledge that we have a number of vans contracted to various riders in the sport.

“When I heard on the grapevine Mike was struggling with his own transport I contacted Cradley promoter Gary Patchett to see if we could be of any assistance.

“Mike is a local lad and the National League clubs do a tremendous job in bringing on riders like Mike in this country. These lads deserve all the help they can get and it's easily forgotten that their travel overheads are the same as the top guys.

“We were only too happy to help and if this helps keep the lad in the sport then it's the least we could do.”

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